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Xat is a Chat-Box where people who visit this website can go on and chat.


Its fun and safe. Lots of people go on, so come and visit sometime.

We have moderators who moderate the chat-box to make sure no one breaks any rules.

THINK about what your going to say because you never know how someone could take it, and try to be helpful to people.

Engage in a good conversation that both of you can have fun with.

RULES: No spamming. No swearing/cussing. No profanity/innapropriete material.

No being mean to anyone! (no fights!) The age range is 9-14. We don�t want anyone too young, and we don�t want anyone too old either lol.

Link: http://xat.com/Pwnzorlyness


On this page you can also Chat by posting comments! Have fun!





1. dandeman1300 - January 4, 2008

first comment Wil: Not really I create a new page for this but yeah so lol.

2. gurl - January 17, 2008

hiiWil:uhhhh Hi I think….lol

3. cmoss - March 12, 2008

hi whats up Wil: nmjc u?

4. cmoss - March 12, 2008

hey girl what up Wil: Im a dude u idiot

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