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FEAR ME! August 22, 2008

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Why should you fear me. Well because, I’m a mod :]

This is a fake pic. Comment and tell me what you think.




Welcome to the 2008 Penguin Games! August 22, 2008

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Welcome one and all, to the 2008 first ever PENGUIN GAMES!

Hey guys well today the Penguin Games have started. Its really fun!

As I said before, well not on this site, but I commented on this other site saying,

that I have a feeling that they will bring back the Red, and Blue Facepaint.

And they did!

The Red facepaint is located at the Coffee Shop.

The BLUE Face paint is located in the Pizza Palor.GO BLUE!

To get the prize, first you must click on the metal.

It will bring up the event list.

Thats the events you have to do to ge the prize.

The First event is located at the Ski Village.

You must stop at each light until it lights up.

The Second event is located at the Ice Burg.

The last and final event is located at the Pool underground.

After you completed all Three events, click Claim Your Prize

And you get the Metal SHINY lol


Remember Me? August 21, 2008

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Hey remember me? Im the owner of the blog lol. Well I’m back, I play Cp a lot know, and I will be updating this site as much as possiable. I don’t know when school starts, I mean I’m going to 7th grade lot of Homework and stuff. So right now I’m going to post about Club Penguin Times.

Penguin Games Starts Tomorrow!

And finally the new events.

Also the new pin is in the Stage.

Also I know this is late but Rockhopper is leaving cp

In other new CPAF IS BACK!

For more information go to dbpenguin.wordpress.com


I Thought You Guys Should Know……….. June 4, 2008

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Guys I thought you guys should know that I quit cp. I won’t be posting lately about cp maybe a little maybe not. Well sorry if I let you guys down. Its just that Im 12 ad cpis getting boring. So yeah. I still go now and then but not a lot. So thats all I  had to say.


Happy Mother’s Day May 12, 2008

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Hey guys I just wanted to say Happy Late Mother’s Day lol
ps: I GOT BRAWL YESTERDAY! Also Im gonna update this site about cp and stuff lolz bye

Rockhoppers Quarters and More! April 30, 2008

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Hey guys! If you haven’t yet known on Monday Rockhoppers Quarters open. Sorry about posting it so late.

Heres are the pics!

And before you go into his quarters when you first arrive in his ship you roll your mouse over the top where Yarr is climb the latter and your in the Crow’s Nest or the Look Out!

I can’t get the pics right know because I on my Mom’s account thingy and when I check my pics it not there so yeah………

*Picture Pending*

In other news Cp updated the blog heres what BillyBob said.


Hello Penguins!

The Book Room story contest starts tomorrow! We know that a lot of you have great imaginations and love to write and many of you have suggested that we run another writing contest! I can’t wait to see who wins!

Here are the contest details:

  • Starting Thursday, May 1 go to the Club Penguin Times and find the contest page
  • Pick a theme
  • Write your story (up to 500 words)
  • Submit it (you can copy and paste into the contest form in the newspaper)
  • Submissions will be accepted until May 7
  • 3 winners will be chosen and their stories added to the Book Room on May 30!

In other news: You may have noticed you can now play Club Penguin in ‘Big Screen’ mode! It was launched yesterday–something many of you have suggested for a long time! When you login to Club Penguin the view mode of Club Penguin will be bigger than it was before we launched this feature.

To make the ‘Big Screen’ mode bigger or smaller, simply change the size of your browser window by shrinking or expanding it. As always, let us know what you think!

Until then…waddle on!

-The Club Penguin Team

By BillyBob on April 30 2008 12:11 | Comments (0)

Thats all for know!

Guess Who’s Back! April 24, 2008

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No its not Jack. Its Rockhopper! Yes Rockhopper, and unfortunately Rockhopper didn’t bring any items.

Just playing here what he brought.

Red and Black Sailor Shirt located at the Beach.

Also The New News came out today.

Here are the events.

Also Rockhopper’s Quarters will be opening up on Monday!

Thats all for now


Mission 7 Guide! April 21, 2008

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Hey guys as you know, the clock tower has broken. So now the mission has come out! Sorry for not posting about the new catalogs etc. Well heres the guide. Credit goes to http://mohd222.wordpress.com/

Here it is:

Heres the written guide.

Written Guide

1. Talk to G. He will explain any and all the problems with the click.

2. Click the monitor of the snow forts that G is pointing to. Notice that a polar bear and a crab will break the clock. Click the corner to exit the clock.

3. Talk to G again. G wants you to find the parts in order to repair the clock.

4. Go into the gadget room and take the Life Guard rescue tube off the shelf. Put it into your inventory.

5. Open up your map and proceed to the dock. Talk to the blue penguins team. Keep clicking on the top of the message so they will let you play a game.

6. How to play the game: To play, you must click and hold the mouse until the bar goes up into the red zone. As soon as it reaches the red zone, let go. Next aim with your mouse and shoot the target. Remember, that the target moves so shoot a little bit ahead of wear the target is going. It takes the snowball longer to travel than where the penguin is from you.

7. Once you win, they will give you the target. Give them back the rescue tube so they can continue to play.

8. Next proceed on to the HQ. Talk to G and notify him that you have to use the Electromagnetic 3000. He will tell you that the combination is, “Key.”

9. Go to the invention cabinet which is left of the entrance into the gadget room. At the bottom of the screen, their is a code. Decode the word, “Key” into the Secret Agent Code and input it into the lock.

10. The lock should open it you have done everything correctly. Now pick up the Magnetron 3000 and go to the Iceberg.

11. Go to the left until you see a “spring-in-an-ice cube” floating in the ocean. Using the Magnetron, pull it out of the water. Put both objects into your inventory.

12. Now go back to the HQ. Go into the gadget room. Take out the ice cube and place onto the test chamber. Pull the red lever and than press the flame button. Now pull the lever again and pick up the spring.

13. Now open your map and go into the town. Talk to rookie and ask him for a poster of the Prime Gear. Place it into your inventory.

14. Go to the Ski Village and talk to the penguins there. They will talk about how the type of snow matters. They will also mention that the Snow Forts has the best snow.

15. Open your map, and go to the Snow Forts. Fill up the green bucket with snow. (Green Bucket at the beach.)

16. Go to the beach and talk to the “yellow” penguin on the chair. He says that he gave a yellow penguin a drawing of a chair and the yellow puffle made it for him. Pick up the green bucket thats next to him on the ground.

17. Open up your map and go to the Plaza. Go inside the Pizza Parlor.

18. Take/pick up the sheet of music lying on the floor next to the piano. Place into your inventory.

19. Leave the pizza parlor and go into the stage. Click on the piano at the stage. Put the sheet of music onto the piano stand. Play the colored notes in order as it says on the music sheet. (Go from left to right when reading of the sheet.) The yellow puffle that is hiding will love it, and will come out from hiding.

20. Now give the puffle the picture of the gear. Next give it the bucket of snow. It will construct a replica of the gear. Place the gear into your inventory.

21. Go back to the gadget room at the HQ.

22. Place the gear onto the Test Chamber. Pull the lever and push the snow flake button. Then pull the lever once again. Take out the hardened gear.

23. Open the map, and go to the Snow Forts. Click on the clock at the snow forts to get behind it. Place the gear in the middle, the “spring” on the upper left, and the target on the outside (on top of the pole). Now exit/leave the clock.

24. The construction worker will cheer. You will get a call on your Spy Agent Phone from the polar bear. He says he underestimated you and that destroying the clock was just a distraction for his so called, “Master Plan.”

25. Go back to the HQ and talk to G. Completed/exit the mission and claim your prizes (Metal and Gift.)

In other news Rockhopper is coming to Club Penguin of the 25th.

Also heres the guide by Mohd222

First of all the new club penguin igloo backyard is out, it costs 4200 $

Click on the picture for the new items

Check those club penguin swfs for the new catalog


Also there are new post cards

Also by Mohd:

The Migrator has been fixed.

Rockhopper should be coming back soon. Lets keep waiting.

The Club Penguin clock is broken.

Here are the Club Penguin events.

Im to lazy to get pics. So thats all for now.


CP Improvement April 14, 2008

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Hey guys today is when Cp is finished with it’s clean up. Here are some pics.

Heres another

And another

Well thats all for now!


New Site March 28, 2008

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Hey ppl I didn’t make a new site Dani did so heres the link you wanna know why well here what she had to say.

GO TO www.xat.com/Pwnzorlyness AND www.awesomewebsite.wordpress.com DONT FORGET WE MOVED SITES AND WE HAVE A NEW CHAT NOW!

This is copied from the new website:

“Sorry to make two posts in one day (look at the other one please also lol), but I was doing some experimenting with user accounts on Xat today and it sortof worked but…Well my plan was that I would go over to my dad’s house for a little while but I would keep my laptop at my mom’s house on and on the Xat so that I could make that account an owner from over here.

I managed to do that…I think. I dunno I’m still at my dad’s house but anyways I made an account on my laptop at my mom’s house called Danielleclark24. I was able to login to that user on this computer also.

Well and then it got kinda complicated so I decided to just make a new chat and then hopefully when I get to my mom’s house I will be able to log in to Danielleclark24 and be an owner and use the same account.

I can almost promise you this will be the LAST time we change chats, promise! Ehh…hopefully.

~Dani :3

Oh wait forgot heres the link, http://xat.com/Pwnzorlyness

Thats all for now bye!