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FEAR ME! August 22, 2008

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Why should you fear me. Well because, I’m a mod :]

This is a fake pic. Comment and tell me what you think.




Welcome to the 2008 Penguin Games! August 22, 2008

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Welcome one and all, to the 2008 first ever PENGUIN GAMES!

Hey guys well today the Penguin Games have started. Its really fun!

As I said before, well not on this site, but I commented on this other site saying,

that I have a feeling that they will bring back the Red, and Blue Facepaint.

And they did!

The Red facepaint is located at the Coffee Shop.

The BLUE Face paint is located in the Pizza Palor.GO BLUE!

To get the prize, first you must click on the metal.

It will bring up the event list.

Thats the events you have to do to ge the prize.

The First event is located at the Ski Village.

You must stop at each light until it lights up.

The Second event is located at the Ice Burg.

The last and final event is located at the Pool underground.

After you completed all Three events, click Claim Your Prize

And you get the Metal SHINY lol


Remember Me? August 21, 2008

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Hey remember me? Im the owner of the blog lol. Well I’m back, I play Cp a lot know, and I will be updating this site as much as possiable. I don’t know when school starts, I mean I’m going to 7th grade lot of Homework and stuff. So right now I’m going to post about Club Penguin Times.

Penguin Games Starts Tomorrow!

And finally the new events.

Also the new pin is in the Stage.

Also I know this is late but Rockhopper is leaving cp

In other new CPAF IS BACK!

For more information go to dbpenguin.wordpress.com