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New Site March 28, 2008

Posted by Incredbel in Uncategorized.

Hey ppl I didn’t make a new site Dani did so heres the link you wanna know why well here what she had to say.

GO TO www.xat.com/Pwnzorlyness AND www.awesomewebsite.wordpress.com DONT FORGET WE MOVED SITES AND WE HAVE A NEW CHAT NOW!

This is copied from the new website:

“Sorry to make two posts in one day (look at the other one please also lol), but I was doing some experimenting with user accounts on Xat today and it sortof worked but…Well my plan was that I would go over to my dad’s house for a little while but I would keep my laptop at my mom’s house on and on the Xat so that I could make that account an owner from over here.

I managed to do that…I think. I dunno I’m still at my dad’s house but anyways I made an account on my laptop at my mom’s house called Danielleclark24. I was able to login to that user on this computer also.

Well and then it got kinda complicated so I decided to just make a new chat and then hopefully when I get to my mom’s house I will be able to log in to Danielleclark24 and be an owner and use the same account.

I can almost promise you this will be the LAST time we change chats, promise! Ehh…hopefully.

~Dani :3

Oh wait forgot heres the link, http://xat.com/Pwnzorlyness

Thats all for now bye!




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