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Rockhopper is here! January 26, 2008

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Hey guys sorry for posting so late had alot of stuff to do. Well as you know Rockhopper is here! Well one of my BFFs Dani/Dbpenguin saw Rockhopper here what she said on her blog.

I have also sighted Rockhopper several times today!rhsighitng

Unfortunately I don’t remember the exact server I saw him on. I think it was somewhere in the UK Servers.

Also theres 3new igloo music.


Heres what Cp said:


Hello Penguins!

Many of you have been asking for some new music for your igloos and we’ve been listening! Now you can have new music for parties, band rehearsals, or just hanging out! Let us know what you think and how you like to use the new music!

In other news: Capitan Rockhopper will stay in town until next Friday. If you see him, be sure you encourage him because he’s gone through a lot lately.

Until then… Waddle On!

– Club Penguin Team

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Rockhopper is here! January 23, 2008

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Hey guys just to let you know Rockhopper made it to CP! But his ship didn’t make it to Cp 😦 . The free item he brought was life jackets! There cool.


Heres what Cp had to say:

Rockhopper is Here!


Hello Penguins!

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but Rockhopper has landed on the shores of the Beach! He obviously doen’t have his normal treasure, but he does have some extra life jackets for everyone! Keep an eye out for him because he will give you something if you ask to be his buddy! If you look through the telescope you can see his ship which doesn’t look very good. As always, we would love to hear your ideas for what we can do to help him!

In other news: The new blog system is launched and although it looks similar, it does have some cool features that should make things a bit easier! Also, there will be more people than just me posting in the future, so we’ll try to get you even more information!

Until then… Waddle On!

– Club Penguin Team
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Also the new mission came out on the 21st. Heres the guide.

-Talk to G. The machine should blow up. lol

-Follow the crab through the rooms. You can talk to the penguins if ya want. Next he should be at the mountain. Go down the mountain . Look familiar?

-Follow the crab. Go to the bush and the log area and grab the berries from the tree (cut them), and give one to the black puffle.

Go to the Door, and throw a berry though the door and he should unlock it. Next you’ll be trapped with a cage DUN DUH DUNNNNN lol.

-Let the polar bear monolouge and then move over, and place a berry on the red lever. Then put one on the other side of the water pipe thing. Then put on on the last scale. Your free!

-Grab the Anchor, rope, and the hot sauce. Now try to head out and your blocked. Mix the hot sauce with the berries and feed it to the puffle (uh oh lol).

-Go back to where you came from (or rather fell from), and combine the rope and the anchor and get out!

-Go to the Ski Lodge, and the Ice Fishing place. NOTE- This is important to do because you can not give him the pizza without going here.

-Walk to the Pizza Parlor and order a Seaweed pizza. Bring it to the Ski Lodge and then the Ice Fishing place and give it to the polar bear.

-Whiles he’s eating pull the red lever on the machine. Then he will come back and the machine will do the rest ;) MUHHAHAHAHA WERE EVIL lol.

Oh and heres a vid from dbpenguin.wordpress.com

Thats all for know!


Item location January 18, 2008

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well cp pulled through and did a great job! They have festive maacas wich look like… like… well lets just say this the original ones are the festive sumbraro or the dull one thats in the catologe and the new maracas is the old sumbraro the fivbrent colord one oh sry the maracas are at the dance lounge same location as it was last year!

Power to the Players!


Wil:Thanks posting Lugia lol

New Video! January 17, 2008

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Im making a new video and need lots of peps so audition here by commenting and telling me if you have made been or not have been in a video. Well I post ill tell whos going to be in it but you must if your selected go to chat room/box for MySpace etc.WhenI post the time and date you should be on here ow and you mite want to go on it to familyourize your self with the guys on the chat Gamemastor96,Lugiaxd20,Snowyowl,Gir,Dani(Db Penguin),Zipp42,Fish and many others.

P.S Ill be posting locations of the items for the fiesta tomorrow and if you already have the maracas you’ll need them for part of the video I hope cp pulls through and gives the maracas away, see you there!

Power to the Players!


Penguin Times! January 17, 2008

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Hey guys sorry about posting the new so late well here it is. Its from dbpenguin.wordpress.com .

The new Penguin Times came out today! )




“All of Club Penguin was stunned this week when penguins watched The Migrator crash into a rogue iceberg and begin to sink on Wednesday.”

“The Migrator was sailing fast on a strong east wind, when the iceberg suddenly drifted into its path and they slammed into each other.”

“Details are still unclear, but penguins witnessed Rockhopper and Yarr safely abandoning ship and rowing toward shore in a rowboat.”



Don’t forget! Tommorow (Friday)�is the start of the Winter Fiesta-val! It ends on January 20th so don’t miss your chance to ole the Winter cold away!



Tommorow, the Fiesta-val begins, a new furniture catalog comes out, and a new pin is released.

On Feb. 1, a new clothing catalog will come out, and a new pin will be released.

On Feb. 8, there will be a post card update.


New Pics! January 16, 2008

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Hey guys! Well as the title says I edit some pics! Check them out.

Trying out ban cloths :[


Lazy Agents. >:[


Oh this is also from the other stage set beofre the new one.


Penguins crying out for help!


Ok then……..


From X-mas Party.


This isn’tgoing to be on the pic page, but its the new a poll.


Mabye CP will relaese a game, ya never know!


Aliens January 16, 2008

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Join my friend Snowyowl’s army, the Aliens!


Wil:Oh know u wanna post game lol

New video verey funny! January 13, 2008

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Wil;LOL! its funny but pervish. wait but arent you a GIRL?!!?!?!!?!!?!!!?!?!?

CPAF Might be coming back!?!?!?! January 12, 2008

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Hey guys I have some good new Dani/Dbpenguin has maybe decided to bring back CPAF!

Heres what she had to say on here blog, dbpenguin.wordpress.com .

Serious Thinking (former CPAF please read)

Posted by Dani (Db Penguin) in Blogroll.


I am having serious thoughts. This guy, Elitesof, whom I was talking to on the RPF Chat. I was apologizing for something that happened a long time ago. I ruined his first army joining. I told him he couldn’t join because he was a non-member. After I apologized, he asked me, “Why don’t you have a new army?”.

This makes me think.

I told him I don’t know if I could. The inner battle of creating an army and keeping it up and running well and making sure no one was upset about anything in the army, was a battle I started…and ended.

Go back to that war?

How?? And he said something that surprised me. He said, “You’re a legend. I bet people would join.”

Yesterday I was talking to a guy I met on RPF Chat, KG. Who seems to be a bright guy. He asked me if I was joining RPF. I said yes. And he responded, “Wow. Thats a big step from being the leader of one of the biggest armies in CP.”

Is that a step forward…or a step backward?!?!

So many times I let everybody down. In CPAF I left for camp, and then everything fell apart. I had to end CPAF; I let everybody down. People left, there was a depression. And we�survived but..I can’t change what happened, I still let everybody down.

And then when I tried the PSA…you know what happened. I can’t let that happen again. If I keep making armies and then giving up on them, eventually…not good result.

Even if I am a�”legend”, I don’t want to be famous for being a quitter and letting people down.

I need your opinion.

-Dani/DbPenguin 8)

So maybe CPAF might come back! Comment on her site dbpenguin.wordpress.com!


Sorry Guys……….. January 12, 2008

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Sorry guys about not posting in a long time. Hope you for give me. Yes I’m still a non-member. Well heres the latest CP stuff going around.This is copied from dbpenguin.wordpress.com.

The New Penguin Times came out today.winterfeistaval

For some of you CP veterans, like me, you may have been to the “Winter Fiesta” last year. Well this is the second annual Winter Fiesta, this time known as the “Winter Fiesta-val”. Its�a time where everyone gets over the cold, and throws a big HOT party!


The two new wigs that were released recently, “The Sunstriker” and “The Flutterby” have become very popular. I have to admit, the wigs released before these two were a bit…odd? It would be very cool if we could change the colors of wigs too, don’tcha think? Eh..CP will come around eventually. ;)


A new storage system is coming to Club Penguin! It is expected to be much more efficient and practical for wealthy, decorative penguins with TONS of furniture items. This new storage system is coming Monday so be sure to pay a stop home and check it out.


3 new things-

Tommorow there will be a new play at The Stage, which means new costumes, new script, new stage!

A week later will be the start of the Winter Fiesta. And its a package deal, along with the Winter Fiesta will be a NEW furniture catalog, and a new pin! (The 51th Pin I think!)

-Dani/DbPenguin 8)

This is NOT. The CatalogS lol.




Gift Shop Catalog



I already told you about the Wigs so I post something else in a sc.